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The Famous & Infamous Women of Millionaires’ Row

rocky river historical society

Cleveland’s Gilded Age is what made Cleveland one of the wealthiest cites in the world.

Cleveland had a cast of characters like John D. Rockefeller, Samuel Mather and his brother William, Mark Hanna and Thomas Howard White, to name just a few.  Much has been written about the men of Millionaire Row, but for the most part little is known about the wives of these great individuals. 

Dan Ruminski, Cleveland’s Storyteller, thought it time to feature some of the better known women at the time and their great accomplishments. For example, what was Mrs. Rockefeller really like, what influence did she have on her husband, and what were her own accomplishments. This talk gives the audience a personal look at the women who on their own accomplished great things. We also will look at some of the wives that had a negative influence on their husbands, some of the misdeeds that made them infamous.

And, we will delve into a wife who many believe lives today as a ghost in her former home here on Euclid Avenue. The Storyteller will share his personal experiences with the ghost of one Julia Drury. Truly a fascinating tale that will both enlighten and entertain!

Hosted by the Rocky River Public Library, this event will be presented by Dan Ruminski.